Hello, there!

I'm Dana Fuqua.

I've been drawn to helping others find their way since I was very young.  As a mother myself, I know the vulnerabilities that come with pregnancy and birth, and am deeply interested in easing the way for families as they press on in this season of life.   

I believe a woman’s body was made for birth, but I also believe each woman should experience birth in her own way.  My mission is to provide you with the education and support that will allow you to have a birth that is your very own.  I'm privileged to be invited to share in that with all types of families. Whether you give birth in your home, birth center or hospital, via cesarean or VBAC, with medications or without, it’s all birth to me. It’s part of why I love what I do. I take pride in the fact that my clients have described me as intuitive, dependable, and approachable.  I have a laid-back style coupled with years of experience to help families feel at ease, yet confident in their decisions.  I love the ongoing relationships that often spark from sharing such a special time with families and I relish in seeing those doula babies grow.

Born and raised in Middle Tennessee, I call Hendersonville my home, where I have lived for 10+ years with my husband and two children.  When not doula-ing, I'm likely soaking up time with my family or planning our next adventure.  A true tom-boy, I love baseball, snowboarding, hiking, and any excuse to be outdoors with my family.  I love this life I have, and want to make it a meaningful one. 

In addition to my personal and professional experience with birth, including a stint as an on-staff doula for St. Thomas Midtown Medical Center, I am also a certified birth doula through DONA, International.  I am trained in both Spinning Babies and Rebozo techniques and use them often.

Interested to learn more?  Let's talk soon!